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Poker Bonus – The Ultimate Guide To The Best Poker Bonus

Aim of this website is to provide the best poker bonus offers on the internet as well as to serve as the ultimate poker bonus guide.

There are countless online poker bonuses available these days. So it is very important to pick the best poker bonus from one of the top online poker sites.

Almost all online poker rooms offer a poker bonus. However, there are many different forms it can appear in and huge differences in the quality.

That’s why there are a number of factors to consider when looking for the best online poker bonus.

Poker Bonus - The Ultimate Guide To The Best Poker Bonus


Especially important is of course the size of the bonus, but it is by far not the only significant aspect. You also need to pay attention to the bonus match as it makes a huge difference, if you get a match of 100% or 200%.

In addition, you need to consider that the poker bonus is offered by a safe and reliable online poker site.

By reading the content and following the advice given on this website you will be able to:

  • Always be up-to-date with the best poker bonus offers available
  • Choose the biggest and best poker bonuses from the most reliable poker sites
  • Pick online poker rooms that offer high traffic, a great software and a wide variety of games
  • Understand what a poker bonus is, how it works and how you can benefit the most from it
  • Become familiar with the different types of poker bonuses and how to profit from them
  • Find the right and most profitable offer in a couple of minutes by using our ultimate poker bonus guide

All you have to do now to get access to the best poker bonuses on the internet is clicking on the orange „Claim Now“ Button below, under the poker site of your choice.

The corressponding poker bonus will then automatically be credited to your account upon registration:


What is a poker bonus?

A poker bonus is a great tool to quickly boost your bankroll as well as to maximize your profit. It can appear in different forms such as no deposit bonus, first deposit bonus or reload bonus. 

Online poker sites offer poker bonuses to attract new players. They match your first deposit or reload with a percentage ranging from 50% up to 200%!

Example: If you choose a first deposit bonus of 200% up to $1,000, it means that the poker room will give you $2,000 in bonus money on top of your $1,000 deposit.

Online poker bonuses give you the chance to earn money in two different ways while playing online poker for real money. The profit you make on the tables plus the money cleared by wagering your poker bonus.

Making use of these offers is smart and an easy way to increase your winrate. Since you are paying rake anyway, when you play poker for real money, why not getting some of your rake back and earing an extra 15-20% rakeback by clearing a poker bonus?

As you can see it‘s a win-win situation for both sites. You can earn free money and the online poker sites gets a new customer.

Being familiar with the best poker bonuses and making use of them intensively will earn you a lot of extra money in the long-term.

How does a poker bonus work?

Poker bonuses are not always immediately accessible. Only exception being no deposit poker bonuses, where you get free poker cash just for signing up! There is no deposit needed!

When it comes to all other forms of poker bonuses online poker sites want you play to a preset number of real money poker hands or tournaments. That’s why the cashout of the poker bonus is pending until you have reached this goal.

Every poker bonus comes with a wagering requirement. That means you need to generate a certain amount of rake, before you can cash out the bonus money.

How does a Poker Bonus work?

Bonuses are very easy to unlock, as they clear quickly in $5-$10 steps. The bonus amount depends on how much you play and there is no need to unlock the full amount. However, we highly recommend to do so as otherwise you are missing out on free poker money and an additional 15%-20% rakeback.

Most bonuses give you between 30 to 90 days to clear the full bonus amount. This is more than enough time in case you play consistently and on several tables at the same time.

In addition, there are also few all or nothing bonuses. Here you have a certain amount of time to clear a huge bonus amount, but if you don’t manage you will get nothing.

That’s why it is very important to choose the right bonus for you depending on how much and what limits you play. Poker bonuses offer an additional 10%-20% rakeback, which is paid on top of other rewards!

Why it is so important to have the best poker bonus?

Having access to the best poker bonus is the basis to make online poker most profitable.

If you use the best poker bonuses, your chances of building your bankroll and maximising your profits are significantly higher.

As long as your poker bonus is active you are earning extra money for every hand you play. This increases your chances of becoming a winning player.

What is a good poker bonus?

What is a good poker bonus you might ask? The best offers consist of easy wagering requirements, which should be under 20x.

The less, the better as the lower the wagering requirement, the faster you can unlock your poker bonus.

Another very important factor is to have enough time to clear the full bonus amount. Here is the motto the longer, the more favourable.

If you have 90 to 120 days to unlock the bonus it shouldn’t be a problem. In contrast, a 30 days time frame will require to play and multitable every day for several hours.

How to find the best poker bonus?

Almost every online poker room offers poker bonuses. So it can be difficult and overwhelming for beginners to find the right poker bonus.

This does indeed requires a lot of time and effort. We want to save our players the time and hassle and make it as easy as possible for them.

We have developed a state-of-the-art system to rate all available poker bonuses. It is constantly updated and incorporates all changes by online poker sites.

The best poker bonuses are displayed in the above widget. All you have to do to benefit from them is to click on „Claim Now“ and the respective poker bonus will be automatically credited to your account upon registration or when you make your first deposit.

How to use Poker Bonus Codes?

Certain poker bonuses also require you to enter a poker bonus code during registration to be able to receive the bonus.

Poker Bonus Codes are often combinations of letters and the bonus amount such as “PB500”. PB stands for Poker Bonus and 500 is the amount.

Moreover, they frequently include the name of the online poker site like in our example:

Poker Bonus Codes


These Codes have to be entered, when you are registering an account with an online poker room.

Please check the respective review before signing up. In case a bonus code is required, and enter the bonus code in the field called “Bonus Code or Promotion Code“

This field will appears either when making your deposit or when choosing your screen name and password.

How to clear a poker bonus?

However, making a deposit doesn’t mean that you get and cashout the bonus money straight away.

The often untold secret of a poker bonus is that you have to play a certain number of hands or poker tournaments for real money first. As soon as this is done the free bonus cash is unlocked and available for your disposal.

No need to worry though as the majority of poker bonuses clears in $5-$10 increments. When using those bonuses, you don’t have the pressure to play every day and there is no danger of losing the bonus as it was the case with oldfashioned all or nothing bonuses.

Nevertheless, the more you play, the more extra money you earn. That’s why we highly recommend to grind as hard as possible when you have an active bonuses to avoid missing out on free poker cash!

Here are the four steps how to clear a poker bonus:

  • Play cash game or tournaments for real money.
  • The bonus is released in steps of $5-$10 for a certain amount of rake earned.
  • When the bonus money is released, it’s automatically credited to your account.
  • Once the bonus is cleared you can then either use the free money to play or cash it out.

Poker Bonus Wagering Requirements

A poker bonus wagering requirement simply means that you have to wager the free money a certain number of times before you can cash it out.

Those wagering requirements are usually tied to the rewards points system. Details are depending on the respective VIP system of the online poker site.

Poker Bonus Match

As mentioned above, every poker bonus has certain requirements and conditions. They have to be fulfilled in order to be able to convert your bonus into real money.

One of them being the poker bonus match. What does that mean you might ask?

It’s quite simple, most poker bonuses are matching your deposit to a certain extent, which on average is 100%.

A 100% poker bonus match means that if you deposit $100, the online poker room will match your deposit amount by 100%, which equals to $100.

Poker Bonus Match

Here is another example: If the bonus match is 100% up to $500, then you can earn up to $500 in bonus cash depending on the amount you deposit. Let’s say you deposit $500, then you qualify for an additional $500. The money is automatically added to your account and converted by playing online poker for real money.

Poker bonuses are released in cash increments of either 10% of the amount you deposited or in $10 steps. If you deposit $500, the bonus will be released in increments of $5.

To receive the $5 in cash you will have to earn a certain preset amount of player points by playing real money cash games or tournaments.

The more you play, the more of your bonus you convert into real money. That’s why we highly recommend to play to play as much as you can, when you have an active bonus to earn as much of the free bonus cash as possible.

The best way to do this is to multitable at the cash game tables.

The Ultimate Poker Bonus Guide

We want our players to make the most of their poker bonus. That’s why we have developed the ultimate poker bonus guide! It let’s you find the best poker bonuses on the internet within a couple of minutes and explains how to maximize your free bonus money.

Our team consisting of professional poker players and online poker experts has compared and rated all available online poker bonuses and preselected the best of them.

Here is the ultimate guide how to find the best poker bonuses:

  • Make use of available no deposit bonuses to get your free poker cash.
  • Choose your preferred site with a high matching bonus from above.
  • Read the review to see, if you need a bonus code or not.
  • In case you don’t need a code, simply click on the orange “Claim Now” button and the poker bonus will be credited automatically to your account.
  • Register with the site, if necessary enter the code during registration and make a deposit to activate the bonus.
  • If there is a reload bonus, make another deposit once you have earned your first deposit bonus, to benefit from an additional 10%-15% rakeback.

If you follow the advice given above, you will be able to maximize your profits, quickly boost your bankroll and lay the basis for a successful poker career!